Emily Dykema - Culver CPA Group - Grand Rapids Payroll Service
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Emily Dykema

Emily Dykema

Emily Dykema
Firm Administrator, Executive Assistant
Emily’s courtesy, follow-up and organization is second to none. She is a great ‘asset’ to your firm.
- Anne Zoppa, Grand Rapids client

Professionally Driven
I am motivated by a lifelong sense of curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn. I receive deep personal fulfillment by pleasing people so I love making sure our clients have the best possible experience when they walk through our doors. My life has meaning when I can achieve a level of excellence. I like to stay positive, but my mind always tries to find a way to improve the status quo. People interest me, but so do ideas. I like to work hard and get that satisfied feeling afterward of “a job well done”.

Role at Culver CPA
As Office Administrator/ Executive Assistant, my role could be compared to the inner hub of a wagon wheel, as my responsibilities provide a strong backbone to the day-to-day operations. I am often the “first contact” for new clientele, and answer all general questions for the firm. I love the variety of my many tasks, communicate effectively and prioritize my assignments. During the tax season, I manage four to five additional administrative assistants to perform my normal tasks. Tax season work has deadlines imposed upon the entire firm, which adds a fair amount of pressure. Instead of a liability, I consider this an opportunity to grow in character, as well as become even more efficient with procedures and systems.

The Role of Education
After graduating as Valedictorian of my high school class, I pursued a two-year certification of Travel Industry Business Management from a well-known commercial airline college. In my youth, I traveled extensively and I truly believe that this experience taught me a lot about respect for others and having to deal with unexpected (and sometimes difficult) situations. I have nearly 30 years of experience in general bookkeeping, payroll service, and small business management.

Personal Note
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children. I can also be found reading non-fiction and biographies, golfing, hiking and travel. I enjoy learning Spanish as a lifelong progressive goal. I also volunteer my time every week in support of my faith.

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